Keeping the music different…
This is especially important in song arranging.
Because songs
follow a repetitive structure (e.g. verse1/chorus/
verse 2/chorus
etc.) it’s essential that we maintain interest by
changing the
approach to each verse. For example, verse 1
could be
presented very simply by just guitar and vocal.
When verse 2
comes round, the arrangement could be much
fuller. Or
alternatively you could write a counter-melody to
the main
verse melody. If I am taking this approach, I
avoid using an
instrument in the same register as the vocal line.
E.g. go above it
with high strings or woodwinds, or maybe below
(say with a
cello). I nearly always make the second chorus
fuller than the
first one. A useful trick here is to add harmonies
to the vocal
melody on the second time round. This helps to
reinforce the
hook of the song and keep it feeling fresh….
*useful tips for producers*

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