Cell Phones

When you’re using prominent echo or delay effects on a vocal, try to get them in time with the song, either by calculating the delay needed to match the tempo or by using the tap-tempo facility if one is provided. For a less obviously rhythmic echo, try a multi-tap delay with irregular tap spacings.We can also use an echo instead of a delay. It will give you a very similar sound. The echo plug-in in Logic doesn’t give you the option of setting the echo in milliseconds, but rather in notes like 16th notes and the like.

Use it for:

Fast songs

A closer vocal sound

When you just need a little bit of depth.

For a bigger sound, using a stereo delay with a medium delay setting is a good way to go. Whereas the slap-echo is a “close” sound, longer delay times result in larger sounds. This is the typical rock arena delay, something that’s very distinct in hard rock and a setting I used often while doing live sound.

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