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There are a lot of standard tools you can use to help increase the marketability of your music, but here I want to talk about a pretty simple one.

  • MELODY  : Before I talk about it, I need to mention that the most important factor in having a marketable song is having a great melody.Hit songwriter says there are three things that make a song a hit. They are melody, melody and melody. Granted, if you’re an independent artist you want your song to be hitting on all levels to give yourself the best chance for success. You want to have great lyrics, instrumentation and all of the other things that go into making a great track. But melody is king.You might simply find it more freeing to just write an easy melody with vocal sounds, without having to think of any words. Then you can put words to it after, if you want. It’s certainly worth trying, if you’re stuck in a melody writing rut. And if the nonsense syllables work, you can keep them That would lead us to the next
  • GOOD LYRICS  : Great melodies are memorable and singable. As a result, they’re usually fairly simple. Our minds like simple. In terms of music and melody writing, simple is easy to remember, repetitious and easy to sing along to. As songwriters a lot of times we like to overcomplicate our melodies. One of the ways we do this is by writing lyrics that are too wordy. Wordy lyrics can get in the way of your melody and overcomplicate it enough so that it’s barely even melodic anymore.Obviously you can’t just have silly sounds repeat throughout your entire song, if you want to keep it marketable. You’ll need some real lyrics. if you start a song this way, it can rope in your listeners from the very beginning. Then you can repeat that melody throughout your song. If you do that, you’re establishing a melodic motif that you can work from when you write the rest of your melody (which will have lyrics). If you write the nonsense lyric part first, the rest of your melody will be easier to write, because you’ll already have a piece of your melody established. Once you have that, the rest will flow easier.
  • GOOD BEATS  : I always become disappointed when I listen to music with good lyrical and melodious content, but poor beats, some artist bring there song to me to help them review it, but the most common problems I notice among all is bad beat or poor beat mixing, and mastering, or beats not fitting into the song, different beat goes along with different song patterns and lyrics, it is best to have a good beat, it is the best market strategy you can easily use, even without the vocals yet, at the beginning of a beat, fans already have decided whether they like the music or not, poor beat is a great turnoff and it kills the artist star to get good beats or book or purchase a beat contact us
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