LG Electronics LHB755W HTiB Home Theater Systems (2015 Model)

Everyone is  trying to be a celebrity these days, Because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to earn millions overnight, fly the world in private jets, have fans across the globe flinging themselves at you while you smolder on the cover of everything worth reading or retweeting.

I will tell you some few very smart ways of becoming a star, but they sound funny, just relax and try them out, you will thank me later


To be with the stars, you have to get to the stars. Let’s play a game of famz-or-die-trying. All you need for this is a good camera phone, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and a bright smile. Go to an event where there are celebs, fish them out and take selfies with them till their bodyguards throw you out. It’s all about maximizing leverage. For example, if you spot P Square, pretend to be a CNN presenter, stand between them and selfie as fast as you can. Now post the picture on all social media platforms with the tag, “Just another day chilling with ma home boys #howeroll #westeadygrinding #myrideordieniggas4live”.

Don’t forget to tag the celebrities in question, all your friends, relatives, exes, long lost cousins, classmates and the likes.

They are the catalysts that will set the ball to your stardom a-rolling. If that doesn’t work, have no fear. That would lead us to the next post.

Stay tuned