LG Electronics LHB755W HTiB Home Theater Systems (2015 Model)

Don’t ever try t sit back and relax waiting for a perfect time, NO! always make sure you continue writing songs, continue making sure you have good music production, don’t ever think of a time you wish you would be able to do it, continue always continue, and continue!

Breathe, breathe deep, more air than you will possibly ever need to do the song. Don’t run out of breath or power.

Most times we give up because we expect everything to be perfect, and its impossible, all things cannot be perfect at a time, you build yourself towards perfection, we wait for when all is rosy before we take a hook, NO! start the hook now, you cant know more or improve on something if you give-up on that thing, because most times negativities help to strengthen us the more. when you feel like having a rest and continue latter, just sit back and analyze what you think can be the cause of you feeling wearied, after getting it, then focus on how to overcome the force of the negativity, before you would know, you will see it is just a very small block on the way to your success.