Ecetera trains with criticism (good)

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Learn how to handle criticism. One good thing I love about “etcetera” is that he takes his time to constructively try and bring correction to our stars, but many don’t usually take it that way, they just want to do what they want. be very smart to know how to handle and learn from criticism.

Hey, it happens – no matter how great you are, some people just won’t like your voice. Even world-famous singers have people who dislike them. Only listen to constructive criticism if it can actually help you improve your talent; otherwise, ignore it. Don’t get into arguments or fights regarding your dreams, and walk away from any hecklers – odds are, they’re just jealous.

Accept rejection and move on. It’s not common knowledge, but a lot of great musical acts were turned down several times before signing to a label, including the Beatles. If someone doesn’t want to work with you, it’s his or her loss – move on to the next opportunity and keep your chin up.