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you might feel its not important to write, I’ll admit, (but you lie) yet nevertheless it’s an integral to your ultimate ambition. So now thanks to the selfies (read the last post on “familiarizing with stars”), your fans know you roll with the stars. Next you need a song to thrust you head-first into the limelight and for that, lyrics are unfortunately required.

The funniest of all, the populace wants empty rants about money, cars and a well-rounded female derriere in a music (its funny). And the same would still talk bad of you if you do so(smiles). but do you know there are still thousands of the populace who cherish good musical composition, yes.

Now back to seriousness, have you ever thought of combining lyrics that are usually known to be used by stars, combining them together and making a song out of it. (remember “becoming a star made easy”)

If you need an example contact the Music Team