stay where musicians are

Androids for 2015

Become a publicity hound. Eat, breathe, and sleep attention. Look for photo ops. Speak up. Swipe up any chance to shake up the spotlight. Make yourself known. you can’t just sit at the corner of your house street expecting signups and endorsement to come greet you in your house, you must market yourself (make sure you don’t over do). Take a stroll into studios where famous artist usually use, or a famous producer.

Network. Be in the places where successful musicians/producers meet (clubs, dance halls) and act like you’re part of the industry, even if they don’t know who you are. Go to a city or areas known for music. Make connections with other musicians. You never know who might want to collaborate with you in the future, or introduce you to an agent. Take the time to be friendly and interested in the other person’s career.

Always show your best. When you’re on-stage or networking with industry professionals, turn on the charm. Smile big, answer questions, and sing with enthusiasm, even if you’re feeling terrible. Part of working in entertainment is being able to create an atmosphere of fun and energy, as if you’re flipping a light switch.Don’t pull any diva antics on people who become your fans. Remember that fans can propel you from obscurity to fame. Sign autographs, answer questions, and take pictures after the show.