There are three different mentorship program available :


It involves the active communication between a mentor (TAJ team) and the mentee (you) in which the mentee would be able to learn and know and gather valuable knowledge on his/her music career, during the agreed duration. The mentee is opportune with the availability of a musicologist who will continually guide, monitor and help improve and grow the mentee’s music life. If the mentee is an artist, the mentor would help in any difficulties encountered by the mentee in other to for the mentee to get his music produced with a good mixing and mastering advice, in other to standout in the music market.

fee : $25 equivalent to (#5000) monthly


This involves the active communication between a mentor (TAJ team) and a mentee (you), It is everything about the online mentorship programs with an additional value of providing the mentee with all necessary and adequate materials that would be needed by the mentee. Materials like lots of eBooks, video tutorials and manual on any musical instruments,

fee : $50 equivalent to (#10,000) monthly


this involves both online and the physical mentoring, that is the mentee would be coming for mentoring classes and mentored in any area of music he/she wants to. with the availability of musical instrument of his interest, handouts, own a musical instrument (with a small fee) rehearse, with the MUSIC TEAM on occasional basis, And a free music track produced if the mentee wishes.

fee : $100 equivalent to (#20,000) monthly

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