HTC Desire 816 Black (Virgin mobile) – 5.5 inch S-LCD Display

“I used to go through long periods when I was unable to make music, now I have realised that if things aren’t going well I just have to stop and do something else; go for a bike ride, read a book or have a mix.

“Whenever I sat in my studio and forced myself to work on music I made terrible music and ended up frustrating myself and pushing myself deeper into ruts.”

if the flow is not coming, don’t force it out, otherwise, you would end up creating a music piece that would frustrate you. Take a stroll around, go for refreshment, have a cool head, make sure you are rested both in mind and in brain. Then go back and visit the production, you will see yourself opening new ideas that would flow naturally with the music piece.

If you got tired of not getting the sound, just take a rest, if it was at night, sleep and visit the song very early the next morning. you will see a new view towards the music piece. studio music production

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