Kingston Digital 16 GB Class 4 microSDHC Flash Card with SD Adapter (SDC4/16GBET)

“The only problem I’ve found over the years is that some presets can overpower a song. That definitely used to be the case in the hardware days. You’d go into a music shop and flick through the presets going, ‘Wow! Incredible! I must have this synth!’. Then, you get back to the studio and realise that the presets are all so full of effects that they’re too big to sit with the rest of the music – they destroy everything else in the song.

“In that instance, of course you look for an alternative, but I’m not going to change a sound just because it’s a ‘preset’. That seems a bit snobby!”

As an artist always be open-minded, to everyone and everything. It  does not mean you just having everybody around without limits, but it means you should be open-minded to criticism, advice,complaints etc. Be those are what will man you a star.

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