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LG Electronics LHB755W HTiB Home Theater Systems (2015 Model)

It takes a while before you get used to a certain room, the way it sounds and the way the speakers are harmonizing. The more time you spend producing there, the better you know the dynamics. I receive many questions on how o use headphone to mix to a good extent. let me reply this way : I remember i met a music producer friend just on the highway and he was like dope, he wants me to please add up an idea on a music hes producing, so we just went straight to a nearby place where i could sit with his system, and i asked him to get a model of headphones for me, he rushed as fast as possible to get it, and i heard his production, and decided to just give it a new beat, i made a new beat for it although he was not actually happy about the idea because i saw it on his countenance, but i left him. he called me 3 days latter and was like how did I do it that the beat sounds great when he got to the studio, with everything sounding as if it was created in  the studio, mixed and mastered, he said the artist wants the beat. and i smiled. how was i able to accomplish that? it was because i was already used to different environments (headphone) so i knew what it would sound like on a real monitor  speaker if i start tweaking some nobs while producing and mixing on it.

Have seen so many music producers making and creating beats with there headphones, or even some there sound system, which is not a very good idea, but after the whole production it will sound well mixed and mastered with minimal correction. As a producer you must understand your music equipment and understand your environments, it is not the studio monitors that would give you a great mix, as many people depends on there studio equipment, it is you understanding everything together and how each performances can bring about a great music production