Androids for 2015

“Instead of bringing the gain up on something you want louder, consider that maybe everything else should be quieter. This is why I call it mixing in reverse. Bringing everything else down isn’t always the solution, what’s important is realizing that just making a certain thing louder isn’t always the solution either.

“It’s so easy to be mixing for an extended session, only to realise you’ve slowly ended up with every track completely maximized, and zero headroom for mastering. You’ve probably heard this a billion times, but it’s so easy to overlook.

“I have a friend that i usually advice on his mixing and mastering technique who usually ignore this tip because he could make tracks really loud using lots of compression and maximizing everything, and it worked fine when he was just exporting them and never touching them after, but when he began actually releasing tunes and getting stuff mastered, he realized how he was actually just shooting himself in the foot.

“Mastering is art and if you have a talented person doing your mastering and you leave them plenty of room to work with, they can really make your tracks sound incredible!”

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