Androids for 2015

“At the end of the day it’s not so much the editing style that matters, it’s more about having a real cool, concrete idea. Even if it’s a whole line of bits and crazy parts, it still has to stick with you having a good idea.

Have heard so many complaint, for example someone complained and said ” That attitude makes no sense. If that were true, then any work belongs to everyone, and no one should be paid for their work. If you steal music, be consistent at least, and never accept pay for your own work either. Otherwise, if you expect to be paid for your work, then respect the work of others and pay them for it. It’s only right and fair”. I smiled at the complaint because the truth of the matter is that good music starts first with good ideas, without a good idea there wont be a good music product, no matter how you fine tune the song to be sweet, if the idea behind it is lifeless, then the music itself would be lifeless. Good idea brings good music and people would pay you. but if no idea then nobody is ready to pay for a waste when there are many others with the good idea they want. (studio music production)