HTC Desire 816 Black (Virgin mobile) – 5.5 inch S-LCD Display

“Dizzee Rascal’s prize-winning album was largely made on a playstation. Skream has had platinum success using fruity-loops

“Some of the most promising work I’m sent is by kids making music on headphones. Likewise some of the most awful music I’ve heard has been made in million-pound studios full to the brim with expensive hardware.

Have seen so many music artist mumble that they don’t have a lot of resources that’s why they cant do this or that, that’s just a mere excuse, make do with what you have.

For the producers : “Make the music you feel like making with whatever resources you can get your hands on. If you get good enough, real music fans will understand and appreciate it.

In my opinion, if you make a good track and the mix-down is well-balanced, and you get the final premaster sent to a top mastering engineer, then your track will stand up to everything else out there, no matter what equipment you used to make it.”

Always make sure you understand any means you are using because it does not mean you are on the right platform to a good music mix production. what i notice is that most producers with full equipment in the studio tend to depend on there gadgets with time, which weakens there mixing and mastering results, but those that don’t have enough equipment know they don’t have, and at the end of the day they devote quality time and efforts to make sure there mix sounds nice and compete with the outside world.

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