LG Electronics LHB755W HTiB Home Theater Systems (2015 Model)

“Always go with the flow and follow your ears/head. Sometimes we can go way into depth about sound, it’s something we all do and it’s good sometimes, but the less you think the more you enjoy yourself and get stuff done, then you can do all the editing and cleaning up at the end.

“Think of making a tune like painting, it’s very similar to me. Get the colours together and the outline, then blend at the end with a fine brush. Sometimes we overthink things and you find that you end up working on the same sounds for hours, then getting bored and sick of the tune you’re making…”

“…And we mean that literally. Listen closely to your mistakes, are they really mistakes? Many of the best ideas on our album came from these happy accidents.

“Especially technical glitches can be very inspiring. In fact think of how many common uses of equipment today are not their intended uses.”

“Don’t stare too much at the screen and rely too much on visual information and settings and so on, but trust your ears instead.

“It can be very distracting to focus on graphical information that is happening in your DAW or the plug-ins you are using. When playing with different settings for hours and not actually going anywhere it often helps to turn off your monitor screen and dim all the lights and just listen to the track in a different perspective.

“It sounds very simple, but this can really help you to hear the mix better and know what can really improve your mix.”