HTC Desire 816 Black (Virgin mobile) – 5.5 inch S-LCD Display

Many music producers because they are used to one particular genre of music, it makes them good in production in one genre than the other. Try as much as possible to be versatile, because those are the things that would make you stand out from your counterparts, it is good to focus on one genre, but on the other hand it is good to know how to produce effectively at-least 80% of general music genre.

I met a  music producer in his studio, and he was producing a song, and he was finding it difficult to allocate the sounds and plugins he should use, then i needed to help him out, at the end of the studio session, he wanted to justify himself by giving his anormality an excuse, he said why he couldn’t flow easily in the production is because he does not really do the type of genre, then i answered him and reply that, it’s not an excuse, as a music producer you need to be versatile, or-else you will send all your customers away unknowingly