Excelvan® BM-800 Condenser Microphone Cardioid Pro Audio Studio Vocal Recording Mic with Shock Mount (Black)

“…And we mean that literally. Listen closely to your mistakes, are they really mistakes? Many of the best ideas on our album came from these happy accidents.

“Especially technical glitches can be very inspiring. In fact think of how many common uses of equipment today are not their intended uses.”

As an artist or music producer, there are many mistakes we make that we our-self know is best known to us. A music fan cant recognize the mistake because all they know is to enjoy the music flow and dance along, but when you sit and listen to your music/production, you indirectly already know where you flaws are, it is best to sit and make a way not to make the same mistakes again, or correct it.By so doing professionalism is setting in.