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LG Electronics LHB755W HTiB Home Theater Systems (2015 Model)

“When I make a tune, I will add layers and layers of sounds, from synth drones to field recordings. I tend to put these very low in the mix, but they’re all very important to the overall vibe of a tune.

“Just because you can’t hear them in the tune upfront does not mean they’re ‘pointless’. Working on depth and atmosphere is what makes a tune sound full of life.

“It’s like how we have the vinyl crackle trend at the moment, even though that sound is very overused I feel it still brings a presence.”

There are some of the tunes and plugins that is just best for a music environment(ambience around a song) to make it as full as possible and not boring, they don’t really reflect in the loud volume listening, but they just do a cool work underground, making the song very homely and full, most examples of such tunes are the “strings” putting too much volume in them makes the music rough and not well mixed, but an under-laying continuous string, makes the music have a base and a very active environment.

That’s why i fight music producers who don’t know the functions of tunes, the one to be used for ambiance, lead, and backups, there just use tunes anyhow, and it is wrong.

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