Androids for 2015

“Remember when Techno started? The inventors used the cheapest drum machines and synths they could afford at the time to make something new. They used the 909 and the 303 because they were cheap in those days, and they created a whole new genre of music!

“What I’m trying to say is: it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Neve console, an Arp 2600 and a Fairchild compressor, it’s really just about what you do with it. If it’s plugins or a cheap organ you bought at the junkyard – it’s really only about your creativity!”

If you really sitdown with any available equipment you have and study your way around them, you would be surprised that your production would sound fantastic, more than some producers with lots of gears.

Have actually visited some studios with lots and lots of gears, but when  i listen to there music projects, i usually become discouraged.study any gear you have at your disposal and bring the best out of it.