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To make it in this business, music has to be your life. Record labels won’t throw money at you and hope for the best just because you’re a “promising talent.” They want to invest in polished, professional acts that will earn them a profit. You have to devote yourself to this path 100% and give it your all. Show the labels your professionalism through your dedication to your craft, product, and image.

Practice constantly. Practice until you can play each song in your sleep, until the drummer’s got every lyric memorized even though he doesn’t sing. Set aside time for daily rehearsals, and focus on writing new material. Make the best music you can make.
Tape your rehearsals and watch back over the tape for ways you might improve.
Polish your live show in the privacy of your practice space. Take risks when nobody will be around to notice.
With enough practice, the quality of your gigs will reflect your professionalism and dedication.

Consider the commercial possibilities of your music. You need to strike a balance between your artistic vision and how marketable your music is. Your experimental jazzcore opera might be an awesome artistic direction to explore, but labels won’t want to sell it. You need to make music that will appeal to a broad audience. Would your grandfather like your music? Would your friends? Would someone who didn’t speak English like your songs? Give your audience some thought.
Make the music you want to make, but be realistic about your goals.
If you don’t want to compromise your vision, you might need to reconsider your major label aspirations. Focus instead on developing a fan base that will love your corner of the music world.