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Start booking shows locally. When you have a solid set of material together, start booking local shows at coffee shops, bars, or other venues that host music. Before booking a gig, check out some shows at potential venues. Make sure the “regular” crowd will enjoy the style of music you play.

Play 1-2 shows a month at first, until you’ve built up a steady local following. Then, you can start playing weekly in local venues and branch out into more regional shows.
Don’t plan a larger tour (don’t rush)until you know you can play your set weekly without any hiccups.

Play with similar bands. The best way to develop your following is to attach yourself to other local bands, or a “scene” that has already built one up. Attend the gigs of local bands you like, and ask if you can open for them at future shows. Invite them to come check out a practice, or point them toward your music online.

You can also set up your own gigs and ask other bands to play with you. They might return the favor.
Note that asking an experienced and popular band to open for your small, unknown act could come across as rude. Out of respect, offer to let them play last or choose their own slot.

When you join a “scene” and become part of a community, other bands will be more willing to share resources and tips with you. If you need to borrow an amp or need studio connections for recording, turn to these new relationships.