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Check out your competition. Improve your act by studying bands or acts you admire that already signed with labels. What do they do that you don’t do? Think about their image, their music, and the way they relate to their fans.What works in your act? What could you do better?
Learning and covering their songs can be a useful exercise. Figure out how they’re constructing their music. What can you learn from them?

You need to know that before any record label can sign you, you must have developed yourself and practice so well, because a record label will sign someone that is an asset to them, not an artist that will not bring any gain to them financially, so for you to get there hands on you, you need to start getting yourself good musically. that is the first step to get noticed by any record label all over the world. And things becomes so easy once you are signed. all your burdens on music becomes the record labels.

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