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First you need to know that getting signed into any real record label requires you not to pay any don’t be deceived, if anyone tells you or promises you that he or she would sign you up, and they are demanding little stuffs from you financially, be careful, it might be a scam. have heard of experiences from music artist whereby some group would open an office and tell artists they want to sign them, after they have made much money from music artists they disappear into thin air. so be careful an thread gently towards your stardom.

You already make great music, but how do you make sure it’s heard? Record labels exist to provide financial support to bands and artists, but also to profit from them. Labels look for well-developed acts who’ve proven they can attract a fan base. It’s not easy to get a record label’s attention. Develop your music and your scene, and get a recording together — you’ll be ready to take the next step into professional music!

Many artists have always disturbed me to help them get signed into a record label but little did they know they can do all this themselves without the help of anybody.

The likes of reekado banks, korede bello and di’ja, do you think don jazzy went to there house to knock at there door and tell them he wants to sign them? NO. or do you think its there luck? NO either, it is there personal hard-work and smart-work that got them signed, and now they are the big boys and girls of the town

stay in touch to know how you can do it yourself.