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Market your band using social media. Announce your shows and release any recordings you’ve made to keep in touch with new fans. When labels sign new acts, they’re looking for scenes with a base that has already been built up.

Have seen most artist whereby even people in there neighborhood don’t even know they are into music, i met an artist, he said he was coding it so that they will just see him on the tv. then i smiled, because you don’t know who might be in the best position to recommend you to someone important, stop that kind of thoughts and start growing musically. If you don’t want people to know (probably because you are scared that they would make jest of you) then while do venture into music.
The most popular social media platforms among older users are Facebook and Twitter. However, Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram are more popular with younger audiences
Encourage your followers to check out bands you’ve played with before. If you cultivate a presence in the scene, people will be more likely to check out your stuff. It’s hard to get people out to your show on a Saturday night if you didn’t go see them on Friday.

Make awesome t-shirts. T-shirts are incredibly popular merchandise, and cheap to make compared to a professional recording. People like to buy merchandise at gigs, and t-shirts are a great way to make a little cash. Not only will the profits keep your band going, but you also get free marketing every time someone wears your shirt!
Exchange t-shirts with other bands so you can wear each other’s shirts on stage. Cross-marketing benefits everyone in the scene. When the scene is strong, everyone in it gets closer to landing a record contract.

Take your show on the road. You don’t want to play too often in the same scene, or you might start boring the regulars. Crack your way into other venues and scenes to build a wider fan base in your area.
Book a short tour with some other bands, visiting a few cities where someone might have friends with a big basement you can all crash in.
Call local festivals and find out who you might be able to open for.
Sign up for band contests sponsored by local radio stations or concert halls.
Have someone video your shows and ask about having them played on public access TV shows.