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Find a studio and book some time.Recording an amazing demo is a great way to get noticed by a record label, but your fans will also love it. Give them some of those songs they love hearing you play live, plus some new ones they haven’t heard yet.
Studio costs can vary, anywhere depending on how you can get yourself to be pitied on. prices may be cheap for the initial recording. In general, it costs more to have the recordings mastered. (because you need your music to be able to attract and convince a listener to want you). have seen many artist, because they don’t want to spend they just do a song anyhow without mastering it. Now tell me! who will listen to your songs other than your family members. So be conscious you need a good mixing and mastering of your song if you want to sound like wizkid (winks)
Because of the high cost, limit your demo to one or two of your best songs. Plan how you’ll record them quickly and effectively ahead of time. Plan your studio time. Different recording engineers or producers will organize a recording session differently. Make sure you’ve got your end of the deal —the song— down as much as possible.If you know your material inside and out, you won’t need multiple takes to get it right.

Research the process and facilities before booking time anywhere. Know whether your band members are more comfortable recording separately or together as a whole band. How much direction do you want from your engineer?
Don’t record on equipment you’re unfamiliar with. Twiddling about with fancy amps and guitar pedals can’t afford is tempting, but it will eat up your studio time (be smart). You also don’t want your demo to have sounds you can’t reproduce on your own.

Record your best original songs. Don’t include any covers on a demo, or anything significantly different from the majority of your material. Think of your demo as your band’s resume. Which of your songs best represents your music? What songs do your fans like best? The demo session isn’t the time to indulge the brand new song you haven’t worked out yet or try to start free-styling on a new beat. Record what already works.