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I’ve always understood that anything really amazing was usually born out of a lot of pain and a lot of sacrifice. Because that’s how you earn it, that’s how things become really great achievements.

I’ve managed to maintain a sense of wonder of music and it levels me how powerful it is. We wield it about like a child with a light sabre sometimes and we don’t know what we’re doing.

You have to remember that when your music goes out there and into the world, it doesn’t belong to you any more as a songwriter, it belongs to whoever hears it and it becomes part of the soundtrack to their lives.

Music transcends race and age and everything else, it’s a truly universal language.

I just happen to be lucky enough to be holding a pencil the day the universe wants to write a song, because I feel like I’m a part of something much bigger than myself and I’m truly grateful to be doing what I do. I can’t wait to get in the studio each morning, I love it.