watch and learn music team

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I remember when i was so young back then, i would sit where musicians are rehearsing, and automatically i was learning without even knowing.The best way to learn is to watch and listen to people that are good in that field doing it. before i ventured into music production, i took a tour round some music studios i knew around then. i visited almost 50 different studios (it was then i knew its not about the gear or gadgets, its about what you can do). and i always go sit and watch how things where done. apart from studying music, you need to know the practical life of music, how it is usually done. you learn automatically that way. as an artist there’s no way of learning that succeeds that.

I started out as a small boy, which was perfect because you just get to observe. I will sit at the back of the room, look at different music band rehearsing, get them what they need but at the same time, I get to share in the experience without being responsible for it.

It’s one of those industries where you just have to try and absorb as much as you possibly can. Find a way to be in a recording studio and watch what happens. Experience the psychology of dealing with artists and the practicalities of getting a performance from someone.

You can’t teach that stuff, you just have to absorb it. If you’ve got the right sort of attitude, you can watch and learn and then practise yourself when there’s some studio down time.