music team work hard sleep less 3

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You have to be 100% prepared to work hard.

The job of a songwriter and a record producer is to bring out the artist in the person performing the song

In this part of the country if you want to stand out be prepared to work hard and smart and sleep less, because you need time to the the extra-ordinary people aren’t doing, so as to be unique, when you become a star then you can sleep as much as you like. but this period is to workhard. and play less.

If you want to be a professional music producer, you have to sacrifice the BMX years as a kid. Those few years when, as a teenager, you would be out on your bike with your friends, as a musician, you can forget about those years, because as a musician you’re learning instruments or writing songs.

I can’t remember having any more than four hours sleep a night for the last 15 years. You have to throw yourself in and learn how to swim.

Regardless of what I’m doing I need to feel like I’ve done a day’s work, you know, like I’ve put in the hours, otherwise I can’t celebrate any of the successes. I need to feel like I’ve done my bit.

As a music artist, change your sleeping habits and learn how to use the quiet time at night to create new ideas. i repeat sleep less.