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Androids for 2015

Three Parts:Choosing an Instrument, Learning Fundamentals, Making Music

Learning to play an instrument the right way can be one of the most satisfying and exciting ways to spend your free time. With the right dedication and training, you can learn to play any style of sound, any kind of instrument, and start speaking the language of music learn to play with the correct fundamentals, and start making music.

Experiment with many instruments before committing to one. Deciding to start learning to play an instrument can be as simple as picking one up at a store or a friend’s house and making a few notes. You might not be making music yet, but try to get your hands on an instrument and get a feel for it in your hands before committing to buy one or signing up for lessons.
Typically, if you want to sign up for band or orchestra at your school, call-outs are regularly held during which the directors allow you to experiment with instruments and select one. Go to one of these call-outs and check out all the different kinds of instruments.
Most instrument stores are excited to share their instruments with you and let you give them a shot. They might even be able to show you a few things.

Try and get your hands on different musical instruments around you and know how it feels with them, before deciding to specialize on it.