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1. You will start becoming wildly influenced by an array of different kinds of music, it’ll be overwhelming but helpful in the long run

2. Realize that this isn’t easy

3. Listen to different kinds of music. Even music you don’t particularly like

4. Analyze your favorite artist’s work in great detail

5. Books tend to provide more value than YouTube tutorials. Read them (or get music production materials here)

6. There is no best DAW. Pick one and run with it (alternatively, try out demos and see which one suits you)

7. Be wary of potentially misleading forum posts (get trusted post here)

8. Don’t keep your early work under the cover. Seek out feedback constantly

9. Call yourself a dubstep producer but feel like making a trance track? Go for it. You can’t disappoint your fans if you don’t have any

10. Produce other genres

11. The second most important purchase after your DAW should be a decent pair of headphones

12. Produce for at least one hour per day

13. Learn sound design from the get go. Your future self will thank you for it

14. Most ‘shortcuts’ are detrimental. This craft takes time

15. Contrary to popular belief – you don’t need a Mac to produce music

16. Don’t worry about promotion and marketing. You’ll know when the time is right

17. Collaborate with other producers that are better than you

18. Following trends won’t make you famous, make the music you want to make

19. High-pass everything

20. Learn basic music theory if you haven’t already (get music theory materials here)

21. Not sure how compression works? Don’t use it

22. You’re only as good as your ears. Take care of them and train them (use reference tracks)

23. Get out of the house and talk to other people in the industry. You need some sunlight

24. Listen to Mat Zo, Noisia, Koan Sound, BT, Andrew Bayer

25. Your music sucks at the moment, and it will probably suck 6 months from now. Keep pushing through

26. Study your craft as much as possible, but don’t neglect practice

27. Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions, everyone starts somewhere.

28. Don’t spam people. This leaves a bad impression

29. Mastering? Forget about it (yes for now, leave it to those that base on it)

30. Practice

31. That expensive plugin isn’t going to make you a better producer, despite the enticing tagline

32. The plugins in your DAW are more than enough to start with

33. Being a 14-year old EDM producer does not mean you’re special

34. Being a 45-year old EDM producer does not mean you’re too old or late

35. Browse the EDMProduction Subreddit. I don’t care if you don’t use Reddit, you do now

36. The most reliable forum is probably KVRAudio

37. Music production involves problem solving. There isn’t a tutorial for everything

38. Learn to DJ if possible

39. Enjoy yourself

40. Read this post everyday

41. Copy other artists. You aren’t big enough to get sued (yet?)

42. Also, remake your favorite tracks. You’ll learn a hell of a lot

43. Keep your plugins and samples to a minimum and learn to work with what you’ve got

44. Playing an instrument of any kind is beneficial

45. Learn how to do things manually, then see if you can replicate them automatically (self-modulation for example)

46. Go to events, festivals, and clubs. Capture the vibe

47. People will ignore you from time to time. Get used to it

48. Try to produce tracks as fast as possible. As a beginner, this is the quickest way to learn as you cover all bases

49. You don’t need a Soundcloud pro account yet

50. Keep everything organized and name your projects logically. (check here for more info)