Brand yourself (how to stand out)

How to make song go viral

How to Make your music interesting

Have a good hook in your music

Composing a hip hop song

Composing hip hop songs part 2

Tips for upcoming artist

Tips to be a successful music artist part 1

Tips for music producer part 1

Tips for music producer part 2

Let your tracks have different keys

Learn to play an instrument

How to learn to play a musical instrument

How to learn a musical instrument

Varieties of instruments to learn

Knowing the fundamentals of instrument to learn

Try out and learn a percussion instrument

Learning the saxophone

Learning to play the woodwinds

learning the stringed instrument

Learning the piano

Learning the guitar

Create a new thing everyday

Make sacrifices towards your music career

Have ambition

Work smart and become a star

Creating the right environment for music

Use your lyrics to tell a story

Tips to be a successful music act part 1

Bassline mixing tips

Common mixing mistakes to avoid

How to use parallel processing in fl studio

Using the dilther bit crushing in fl studio mixing technique

Studio mixing tips reducing mudiness in a mix

How to remove noise from your samples

Tips for upcoming artist

Song structure

Guide to song construction 1

Guide to song construction part 1b

Guide to song construction part 2

Olamide biography

About patoranking

All About Korede bello music artist

Wizkid biography

Davido biography

About ice-prince

Kiss daniel biography

About phyno

Yemi alade biography

About don jazzy

Oritse femi music artist biography

reekado banks music artist biography

About kcee  musician

About chidinma

About Lil kesh (musician)

About Dammy krane (musician)

About Omawunmi (musician)

About Psquare (musician)

Composing a hip hop song

How to get a good ryhme

The hit song

Appreciate other music artist to help grow

Watch and learn

Music terms and meanings part 1

Music terms and meanings part 2

Researching a record label

How to get signed to a record label

Record label thats fits your style

Record a demo

Save your money

Market yourself

Be a professional music artist

Music artist develop a humble following habit

Develop your music skill

Record label

How to get signed to a record label

Types of record label

Origin of record label

Record label strategies

Record labels and relationship with artists

Record label types

Don’t give up

Listen to others and there works

explore different revenue streams

Be yourself

Take your time

How to use Studio gears

know your audience

Think about what you don’t hear

Mix with multiple references

Don’t loose important ideas

Be driven

Always move forward

Don’t be deceived by visual display while mixing

choose your genre of music

listen to your mistakes

Don’t overthink

What to do with what you have

keep an open mind

Mix in reverse

Use good sound

Invest your money

Don’t force it out

Get honest feedback

A good technique

Studio music production

Studio music production secrets

Know your environment

How to handle criticism

Become a star today

Recognize a music contract scam

Learn how to handle criticism

Network yourself

Start a youtube channel to market yourself

Learn how to Sing in public

Make a good cover first (music artist)

Don’t give up

Becoming a famous artist

Make good songs

Use available resources to get to stardom

Feature with other music artist

Be indegenous

Become a star made simple

Lyrics tricks to become a star

Marketing your music

Listen to the mix outside the studio

Warning on the use of echo and delay

Using the reverb (voicing tips)

Using the DE-ESSERS

Be careful with equalizers

Don’t noise gate while voicing

How to compress a voice sample

Keep trying till you get the best voice mix

Mic leveling while taking a voice

Minimize sound reflection during voicing and mixing

Mic distance while voicing

Be careful of mic differences

How to choose a good mic

Have a compatible storage device

How to use a pop shield

How to set the headphones during production

How to record a voice

Be conscious of ideas

Manipulate your chords in a new way

Songwriting part 1

How to get a good song

How to be professional in your music

Keep your music notebook well

How to record steps of your song writing

How to work with someone

How not to run out of ideas

How to record a voice in the studio

Be professional in your music career

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