• T.A.J musicmaster team is an enterprise
    that deals with music productions, we provide amenities to learn music production, learn how to play musical instruments (drums, keyboard, bass guitar), we also have mentorship programs, which deals with our clients signing up for it, and then they get mentored, any musical problems and questions will be treated and all possible solution to there problems solved, we also help to get music materials of any kind, once contacted in need of any, we sell lyric(songs), we make and sell beats, make studio sessions and deals, we also proof listen to a music (involves clients sending there track, and we listen to hem and recommend any corrections if any, so that it will be suitable for the music market world (hit the market).
  •  it has its headquarters in Lagos state, Nigeria and branch studios in both ago iwoye of Ogun state (olabisi onabanjo university) and in Benin (uniben environs),and still growing.
    we operate basically on anything that involves music production.
    Due to the request of our customers whom want to have our music mixing and mastering
    technique in there songs, but can’t get to us, we decided to build an electronic network
    means of requesting for help and mentorship in there music stardom, we deal with music of any genre, booking of beats, produce good mixing, mastering them and sending them to required clients at good terms and conditions applied. Just feel free to contact us, you don’t know when your opportunity of stardom arises..be a smart worker!
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  • Whatsapp number  :   +2348169162172
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  • Email us at              :    tajmusicmaster@yahoo.com